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Starring Lindsey Dresbach, premiered September 26 on Lifetime Movie Network.

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Lindsey Dresbach stars in 'Medallion' released by Film Shortage. 

"The film is riddled with tension from beginning to end as the story takes unexpected developments. The strong direction focuses on sole characters Ava and Alex, who are brilliantly played respectively by Lindsey Dresbach and Tyler Gentile." -FILM SHORTAGE

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Lindsey Dresbach stars in this short film by Joshua Radford. Stay tuned for festival season!

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Lindsey stars in this 5-part RIZZLE Original Series with 500k views in its' first week. ACT II-V to be posted every Sunday in April 2022.

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This horror short film is in the middle of its' Indiegogo campaign. Production will start in May 2023!

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web series by Lindsey Dresbach, Rachel Eddy and Nora Kaye

a surrealist-sketch-sitcom about 3 mismatched roommates navigating coexistence, love,

life and Trader Joe's snacks from the claustrophobic can of their New York apt.

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